Stargate Earth Vinyl Decal

Stargate Earth Vinyl Decal

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Made from professional-grade automotive / sign vinyl, these decals are able to be removed without damaging most surfaces. Comes with easy to follow instructions for application. (One time application only. Can not be re-positioned.) Available in additional sizes and colors. 

Sticker Sizes: 

The standard sizes for this sticker are as follows

All sizes are approximate.
Size Inches Centimeters
Small: 3 x 3 in 72 x 72 cm
Medium: 5 x 5 in 120 x 120 cm
Large: 10 x 10 in 240 x 240 cm


Custom sizes up to 22-inches are available as custom orders.

Additional Information:

More information about applying and removing vinyl decals is available here.

If you have any questions, we are here to help -- please message us through Facebook with any questions.