Kanan Jarrus Jag Eyes (Star Wars) 3 inch Leather Patch

Kanan Jarrus Jag Eyes (Star Wars) 3 inch Leather Patch

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Kanan Jarrus Jedi Knight. Formally known as Caleb Dume.

After his blinding by Maul, he wore a reshaped piece of his armor to cover his face that bore the Jag Eyes markings.  Probably painted by Rex, imo

Our leather patches are laser cut with pre-drilled stitch holes and clean lines.  Each patch is then printed with a print that will stay vibrant for years to come.

As these are printed on actual real leather and not synthetic leather, there may be small blemishes.  These add to the character of each patch.  There may also be some scorching around holes from lasering.  This gives them a gritty vintage look.

Patches can be machine washed in cold water and flat dried.  Do not heat dry as leather shrinks when dried with heat.

We can cut/print any shape/print up to 8x13 inches.  There can be cutouts in the middle with stitch holes and holes can be custom designed to meet your needs for cosplay, leather armor, or other garments and items.


Additional Info:

All patches are made in Fernley, Nevada, USA.