Fett Family Crest Lapel Pin

Fett Family Crest Lapel Pin

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This solid pewter lapel pin bears the family crest of the Fett family of Mandalore.

The name Fett comes from the Mando'a word "vhett" meaning "farmer" and is thus symbolized by the stalk of wheat. The crescents along the wheat represent Mandalore and the Mandalorian colonies Gargan, Ordo, Shogun and Concord Dawn. The stalk itself is in the shape of a spear representing the Mandalorian warrior's code extending beyond the family or the individual into the past and the future.

The drop of blood represents the necessary willingness to sacrifice for the family, or to achieve ones goal or mission.

All lapel pins ship with a military-type metal "butterfly clutch" back. 

Additional Info:

All pewter items are hand cast from lead-free pewter.  

Enamel work is done by hand, and oven-cured.

All casting, polishing, enameling and other finishing work is done in Fernley, Nevada, USA.