Blue Sun evil corporation logo t-shirt from Firefly

"Blue Sun" Corporate Logo Tee (Military Green)

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Blue Sun is one of the largest and most recognizable consumer brands in the universe of Joss Whedon's Firefly and Serenity. They have their fingers in everything from prepared foods to weapons to pharmacology. They've also cornered the market on abducting people and experimenting on their brains to turn them into superweapons.

This military green tee with blue print is a replica of one worn by Jayne (Adam Baldwin) on the show.

Additional Info:

The shirt is a top-quality 100% cotton heavyweight (6oz) Ultra Cotton tee from Gildan. Our tall sizes are printed on equivalent top-quality garments by Port & Company, and we sometimes substitute Port & Company for Gildan due to availability.

Shirts are made to order, and usually ship within 3 days, however depending on size availability they may take up to a ten days to ship.

Our basic tee is a loose-fitting (unfitted) unisex shirt, and tends to run a little larger than fitted tees. Shrinkage tends to be less than 1% over the first 10 washes and none after that - so, pretty much not at all.

Sizing Information:

To get a comfortable fit, take the most comfortable fitting tee from your closet and lay it out flat then measure the distance across the chest just below the sleeves. Below are the measurements (in inches) from seam to seam across the chest:

Size name Width
Small: 18 inches
Medium: 20 inches
Large: 22 inches
X-Large: 24 inches
2X-Large: 26 inches
3X-Large: 28 inches
4X-Large: 30 inches
5X-Large: 32 inches