Beard Tax Lapel Pin

Beard Tax Lapel Pin

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After Peter The Great returned home to Russia after traveling around Europe, he decided that Russian men should be clean-shaven like their European counterparts. In order to encourage them to shave, he instituted a tax on beards, and required that men who wished to have facial hair, must pay the tax and carry with them a token indicating that they had paid it. If a man with a beard failed to produce the token on demand, he could be summarily (and publicly) shaved. This lapel pin is a reproduction of the tax token.

All lapel pins ship with a military-type metal "butterfly clutch" back. 

Additional Info:

All pewter items are hand cast from lead-free pewter.  

Enamel work is done by hand, and oven-cured.

All casting, polishing, enameling and other finishing work is done in Fernley, Nevada, USA.